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welcome to autumn
link to the page describing the painting titled shaded pool This piece was my morning plein air project for the summer. I'm finishing it in the studio at the moment, but here are some progress photos of its story.  

Here is a plein air painting from the beginning of June. I'd always wanted to paint corn sprouts .I drove by this spot regularly during the summer, and it was fun to watch the background disappear behind the tall stalks.

link to the painting titled corn sprouts
link to painting titled rose mallows together Here is a plein air painting from our backyard. Rose Mallows are 1 day flowers, so that first day is pretty vigorously painting them. Painting outside is such a delightful mixture of energy with pauses, that can go like this: "Wow, I couldn't have made these colors up ... okay, so just paint it!!"  
  I'd wanted to paint the colors of my stream after a rain, and this summer's storms gave plenty of chances. This plein air piece was done over 3 or 4 different days, and two different rains. link to painting titled after the rain
link to the painting titled still asleep

Here is a painting that I'd wanted to do for years. That little girl is now eleven years old. But the "wow" that a dad feels looking at his family in a tender moment like this never fades.

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