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welcome spring
link to an easel photo by the chattering stream in spring Okay friends, I'm going to say it ... this painting spot rocks!  

Here is a painting that I'd wanted to do for years. That little girl is now turning eleven years old. But the "wow" that a dad feels looking at his family in a tender moment like this never fades.

link to the painting titled still asleep
link to the painting titled over the river I enjoy doing most of my nocturnes from memory, and here is one that was from a family trip, and we were driving across a bridge over the Potomac river.  
  Here is a plein air piece from that same meadow, but the March snow version. It offered me an alternative by a short display of bold sun, but for this piece I preferred the colors and the mood with the clouds. link to the painting titled winter meadow
link to the painting titled december meadow

The "wildness" of this meadow is what drew me to it. Goldenrod can be a bumper crop of nature left to her own business. This piece took several sessions in early December. Not all were warm, but they sure were sunny.

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