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welcome winter
link to photo of easel in late november Here's a photo of my easel at work in late November early December. I have a series of fallen trees going, and the inspiration for this one came just before the season changed. I got it off to a good start though. Next year ... the artist's life.  

Here is a recent plein air piece that was a fun chase of some summer clouds. In this case, I only painted the sky twice.

link to the painting titled clouds, corn, and clover
link to the painting titled pool ride Here is a piece that was inspired by many bright days at the pool with our daughter. Mommies will naturally almost drown in the pursuit of fun.  
  Here is a hybrid piece titled Azalea Basket. The golden moment was captured in a snapshot from two years ago, but I got to paint the surroundings with all of its color and life from life this last May and June. link to the painting titled azalea basket
link to the painting titled twilight cumulus

Here is a memory painting from some clouds I saw on an evening walk.

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