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welcome winter
link to photo of easel at work Here is my easel at my morning plein air project for the last two Octobers. I hope you won't mind a small aesthetic compromise. I liked the composition slightly better from standing right under the ginormous leaning tree. When I estimated the poundage of it I decided the composition from 7 feet back was almost as good : >)  

Here is a special page to animate the two phases of this plein air painting. If you click on the enlargement you can go back and forth between the two seasons. I"ll add to it next year too. Hope you like it.

link to the painting summers end sparkles in progress
link to painting titled neighborhood moonrise 1 Here are a pair of memory paintings from my evening neighborhood exercise walk. Each loop takes about 15 minutes, and I was struck by the subtle differences between the two pauses, and so I couldn't resist painting both.  
  Here is another memory painting from a family car trip over Thanksgiving. link to the painting titled evening on the road
link to the painting titled crescent moon at sunset

And one more memory painting from an hour later on that same car trip.

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